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Wanna Help?

  1. Before doing anything else, the best way to help is by watching Roswell and tell everyone about it!
  2. Hereís are some things you can submit to help my site:
    • Quotes, quotes, quotes! I need quotes for my Quote of the Week. Anything funny or meaningful! Not too long though.
    • Images, wallpapers, and animations are all welcome! Please do not submit other peopleís work without permission. I donít want to get yelled at because I didnít give them credit.
    • Poll ideas. Any unusual or interesting!
    • Spoilers. If you have anything new that I donít have on my spoiler page. Tell me if itís confirmed or not.
    • Comments or suggestions. I would love to hear from you! If thereís anything not working or needs improvements on, be sure to let me know!

    You can email me at, or fill out the contact form.

    Just a quick note, if you have any files like wallpapers or images that you would like to send, please give me the URL to these files. Do not send attachments because I donít want to get virus on my computer.