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The Story

In the tiny town of Roswell, New Mexico, Liz Parker, a normal 16-year old girl is shot. Sitting in her father's cafe, is Max Evans. A seemingly very normal, shy, handsome 16 year old boy. After seeing the senseless act, Max runs to Liz's aid, and miraculously heals her with the touch of his hand. In that instant, the two connected and their lives were forever changed.

Liz's world is turned upside down when she finds out that Max, his sister Isabel, and their friend Michael, have a secret that they have been harboring their entire lives. Something that is anyone was to find out, their lives would be the cost. They are survivors from the infamous 1947 crash. They are aliens. Max saved her life, by risking his own, and the lives of his sister, and friend.

After a great deal of thinking, Liz went to Max with Questions. One of them being, why her? Why would he risk lives for her, one simply, insignificant person. And he answers her only with one thing, "It was you." Liz and Max share another connection, and she realizes that this, simple shy, young man, who she now knew as an Alien, had in fact been in love with her since the 3rd grade. Liz now had the lives of three aliens on her hands. It was all up to her to decide if she was going to turn them in, or help them harbor their secret and keep them alive. She chose the latter. Liz couldn't hold it all to herself though, she ends up telling her friend Maria, and soon after their friend Alex comes to learn the secret as well.

Through his impulsive act, Max has put not only himself, but also Isabel and Michael at risk. The secret they have kept for so long is now in danger, and they must learn to trust Liz, her flighty best friend Maria De Luca, and Alex Whitman with their lives. Soon the FBI and local officials begin to close in. Leading the charge is Sheriff Valenti, who is driven by a very personal need to expose the truth about that fateful night in 1947.

The danger increases as the teens confront their overwhelming need to find the truth about themselves—who they are, and where their home might be. Soon they find that it isn't just the three of them, their is another alien among them somewhere, which gives them hope to find their missing link. As time passes by, Max and Liz grow closer and closer, and Liz comes to the realization she is in love with Max. And not just 'teenage lust' but the real deal. Max and Liz truly love each other. But even though they may be soul mates, and may think fate led them here today, they keep their distance. But not for long, after a while Max and live give in and share their first, electrifying kiss, and first date. The happiness is cut short though, as Max tells Liz he can't do this, he is thrown off balance when around her, he can't think straight, his thoughts are only of her, and it may not be safe for her, not knowing the consequences of an alien/human relationship.

The daily risk of discovery that Max, Isabel and Michael share begins to create separation between them Liz, Maria and Alex. The divisive secret also excludes Kyle Valenti, Liz's ex-boyfriend who she dumped for her 'friendship' with Max. Kyle also happens to be the Sheriff’s son, which leads to more suspicion.

As time goes by, suspicions die down a little, and Max and Liz decide it would be okay to try a relationship again. They share their second kiss, and start all over again. Even Maria and Michael begin to date, and Alex and Isabel grow to become great friends. But things begin to slowly unravel for the fearsome group. Pieces of the past being to show up and a mysterious new girl move to town, who seems to spark Max's attention.

Soon, the girl, and max share a kiss, behind Liz's back, and the town Sheriff begins to come closer and closer to finding the truth. Max asks Liz to have faith in him, he doesn't love Tess, something is up with her, and it was if something made him kiss her, and he just needs to find out what. Liz decides to have faith in him, and the 6 come to find she is the missing link, she is the 4th alien.

Now it is time for the Aliens to put their pieces together. Max talks to Tess, and he finds out that the 4 are paired up. Him and Tess, and Michael and Isabel. And Nasedo, their guardian is who is pretending to be Tess's father. Nasedo is a shape shifter; he can take on any form. Max says he doesn't buy it, Tess may be the 4th alien, but he is meant to be with Liz and no one else. Tess says she'll give Max time, he has a lot to think about.

In the process of it all, Liz is kidnapped. She thought it was Max just taking her for a nice drive, but it ends up it was Nasedo, taking form of Max, and Liz is his hostage to get Pierce. Nasedo has no care for humans, he says that they are a waste of time, and just get in the way. He says his only job is to protect the 4 aliens. Pierce is the alien hunter from a special unit of the FBI. And he knows about all of them, all 7 of them and the secret they are sharing. And he is after Max. Liz grows to dislike Nasedo, as to most of the group. When Max comes to save her from Nasedo and Pierce, the FBI, and special agent Pierce take him. Leaving Liz to rush into the arms of Michael and Isabel.

The 6 devise a plan to get Max back. They decide going to the Sheriff and telling him everything is going to be the only way, or else Max will die. He is being held at an old Army base outside of the town in the middle of the desert. He gets tests run on him, and he is injected with everything. He won't tell the truth, but when Pierce lies, and tells Max that Liz is dead, Max, screams out in agony and says he'll tell the truth, all they want to know as long as they leave Liz alone. But his friends and Nasedo soon come to the rescue, and Max ends up not having told them. They all leave in separate cars, and plan to meet at an old Salt mine close by. They all take off--with the Sheriff in the rear, watching their backs.

But on their way, Max and Liz's car is shot off the road, and the two run and hide in an old Truck at a junk yard. Max explains to Liz all he knows about Tess, but even if he destined to be Tess, we create our own destinies, and he wants Liz to be his. He admits for the first time he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Eventually they all make it the Salt Mine, and come to the realization that they must either eliminate Pierce and the others, or the 4 aliens have to leave Roswell forever, their secret is now out, and in the open. Liz starts to become wary, realizing none of this would have happened if Max hadn't healed her, but she follows Max anyway. They capture Pierce, and question him as to where Nasedo is, since he was captured when Max and the others escaped the Base. Pierce won't tell him. Kyle, looking for his father, finds Pierce, and Pierce lies telling Kyle, that Max and his friends, have his father and they are going to kill him too. So Kyle unties Pierce and hides in the building. When the 7 walk out, Pierce jumps to shoot them, but Michael, using powers he didn't know he had, ends up shooting a sort of electrical field at Pierce and kills him. In all the commotion the Sheriff has been shooting at Pierce as well. They find Kyle's body, and he is dead. The gunshot wound from his own father killed him.

The Sheriff turns to Max for help, and Max heals Kyle, and Liz watched, stunned Max had done this to her as well. The Sheriff then vows to forever take care of Max and his friends. Michael then breaks it off with Maria, and says he is dangerous to be around, and he loves her too much to put her though all this. And Ale tells Isabel, he knows she needs to do the rest on her own, and he understands. But Liz and Max stick together, they don't want to leave each other's sides. Max and the others finally find Nasedo. Nasedo shape shifts as Pierce, and says he will disable the special unit of the FBI, and leaves. Liz is the only one left standing in the Pod chamber with the rest of the gang. Max says they should use the Orbs, which are small rocks that communicate somehow. They use them, and a message form the mother appears. Telling them that they are clones of who they were on their home planet. Their old selves were killed in a war, and now they need to come home and save the planet.

She tells them Max is the King, and Tess, his young wife. Michael is Maxi’s 2nd in command, and Isabel is Max's sister, and Michael’s wife. Liz not being able to believe what she heard turns to run out of the cave. But max pulls her aside and tells her he has told her is still true, he will only ever love Liz, and he needs her. But Liz says she must leave Max to his destiny, and then runs out of the cave, and out of Max's life. Leaving the 4 aliens, to their so called 'destinies.'

The summer quickly passed, and Max and the others have grown apart. Him and Michael are constantly arguing, and He was avoiding Tess at all costs. Isabel kept to herself, and only spoke when necessary. Max was bitter that Liz had left the whole summer, he hadn't seen her since she walked away from him. He blames himself mostly, and ended up becoming good friends with Maria.

When Liz returns from Florida, her and Max share an awkward conversation, and Max comments on how different she looks. She tells him she needed a change, and just wants a fresh start in life. She tells shim she quit the Crashdown, and now works for Congresswoman Whitaker. The woman who now that Pierce/Nasedo quit the FBI, will be looking into the Alien cases. Except Liz is not aware of that fact, and the fact that the Congresswoman found Liz on purpose, aware of her connection to the others. Max and Liz share a few more awkward conversations, and they both come to realize, that things between them will never be the same.

Time passes by, and The Congresswoman, kidnaps Isabel and Tess, and tells Isabel that her name was Vilandra on their home planet, and she betrayed her brother. She fell in love with Kivar, the leader of the rebellion on the planet, and basically handed him over to the 'skins'. The evil aliens on earth. Isabel keeps this pertinent information from Max, and soon a skin kills Nasedo. Max decided he couldn’t do all this alone. He starts begging Liz to get back with him, he serenades her, writes her notes, and come to her window at night asking her to come back to him. But she denies him, knowing he has a destiny she can't be in the way of. When Liz begins to weaken, and wonder if maybe she should just give in to her feelings for Max, she gets a visitor from the future. Someone who knows all about her, and he says he traveled through the Granolith, a room that links them back to their home planet. This visitor from the future is Max, except he is 14 years older. He tells her that in 14 years the skins take over, and the world comes to an end. Isabel and Michael die, and he says Liz is soon to come next. She asks what brings this all to happen? And he says, they do. As a couple, bring the earth to an end. They marry at 19, and make love for the first time in just a few days her time.

Shocked Liz asks him what they did to cause it? And he says Tess gets jealous and leaves Roswell, never to return, and without her help in the battles they loose. Liz asks what he is asking her to do, and he says he needs her to get Max, to fall out of love with her, and to move on with Tess. Liz has to do what she has dreaded since the say she met Max. Liz runs to Max and makes up a lie that she doesn't love him anymore, and she tells him she doesn't want to die for him and he needs to move, on then she leaves. Max heartbroken runs to Maria, and because she and Michael are no longer together, she tells Max, "Leave Liz Alone."

Liz is crying on Future Max's shoulders, telling him she can't imagine her life now without Max, and she can't believe she had to tell him such horrible lies. Future Max tells her it still didn't work though. He is supposed to disappear when it has worked, and he is still there. So Liz has to go to the last possible resort. She set's it up so she is in bed with Kyle, when Max comes to her window. Max sees this and shocked runs to Tess. Liz tells Future Max, she couldn't believe the look she saw on his face. She knew her and Max could never be together now, which meant she would be alone forever. Future max tells her that the future is to be determined, it's doubtful, but her and Max may still have a chance. Liz asks Future Max to give her the wedding dance she knows she will never get now. They dance, and dance, and then when he spins her around, she turns to face nothing. He has disappeared, leaving Liz alone to face the future.

The skins begin to close in on the group, and the tension between Max and Liz grows High. Because of what Max saw, he confides in Tess, and the two become good friends. Liz being jealous of Max and Tess, starts to disinclude herself from the group. The group goes to visit Congresswoman Whitakers hometown, to pretend to be there for her funeral, but actually the whole town is infested with Skins. Max and Liz are alone on a walk, and Max asks her "Tell me the truth, what I saw...Did you sleep with Kyle?" Liz trying to hold in her sadness looks him straight in the eye and says " Yes, I slept with him." Max hurt, and disappointed walks off, leaving her to the dangerous streets. The group faces off with the skins, and destroys their 'harvest.' Leaving the skins only a certain amount of time before they die. The group leaves, returning home, and unaware that skins have followed them.

The skins kidnap Isabel, and hold Max, Michael, and Tess their prisoners. It is up to the humans to save the day this time. Which they do, leaving everyone to rejoice, as Tess eliminates the skins who came to get them. But back in New York, The 'dupes', who are duplicate versions of the aliens, kill their Max, whose name is Zan, and come to Roswell to get Max to come to NY. Max turns them down at First, carefully considering whether or not he should leave Roswell forever, and go to NY. Lonnie, the dupe of Isabel, tells Max everything about Vilandra, who was Isabel back on their planet. Max, angry that Isabel lied to him, and feeling betrayed by everyone, decided, NY would be best. He leaves not telling anyone but Liz. He tells her needs a clean break from her, he can't be her friend unless he lets go of his feelings for her, which he obviously still has. He gives her back a gift she had given him last Christmas and tells her he is leaving, and doesn't now if he will return.

Meanwhile after Max leaves for the city, Liz explains the whole her and Kyle situation to Maria, and Brody, the new owner of the UFO center, starts to put the moves on Maria. Since Michael seems to be taking her for granted she decided to play Brody's little flirting game. Liz meets Ava, the dupe of Tess, and the two confide in each other about their loves for Max, and For Zan, the dupe Max. Tess tells Liz they killed Zan, and they'll probably kill Max. Liz concerned runs to Isabel. And the two try to contact max in NY and tell him he is in grave danger. Meanwhile Max in New York, passes a test proving he truly is the king of their planet. And at a peace Meeting, tells the other leaders he will not give up the granolith unless it is on bad terms, which means they can't go back to their home planet. But it is definitely an option in the future. Lonnie and Rath, the dupe of Michael, angry try to kill Max and Tess. But Liz was able to contact Max mentally, because Ava told her she is 'different'. Since Max saved her.

Liz saves Max's Life by showing him mentally he is about to get killed. Therefore Max escapes, and finds Tess in an abandoned building and she tells him she wants to go home, to Roswell. The two return home a few days later, and Max tells Isabel she is his sister, and he loves her no matter what, even if she was Vilandra, a traitor to him back on their planet.

Maria and Brody become closer, and Liz and Ava say goodbye, Ava is going home to New York. The two has become good friends. Max then visits Liz. He is finally able to laugh and smile around her since the day she walked away from him at the cave. He tells her he wants to start friends. He says he misses their friendship, and she says she has missed it as well. Max thanks her for saving his life, and she laughs and replies "I guess were even now." Max gets up to leave and turns to face her and says, he will only ask her this one more time, and then he will leave it alone. "Did you sleep with Kyle?" Liz looks down, tears in her eyes, and looks at him again, and doesn't reply. Only moves her head a little. Max smiles a little, knowing in his heart that Liz couldn't have possible slept with Kyle, but she still lied, and that will need time to heal. Then Max smiles once more and says "I'll see you tomorrow." And leaves through her window, Leaving Liz to her thoughts.

A few weeks pass and as time goes on Liz and Max seem to get over the awkward beginning of a friendship. Soon, Christmas seems to sneak up on the gang and Max again comes to Liz for advice. He tells Liz that he saw a man Die, and now his ghost is haunting him because Max didn't heal him. Liz tells Max not to blame himself, because he can't heal everyone. She lovingly touches his arm but Max jumps away from her when he thinks he sees the ghost jump off her balcony. He tells Liz later that he needs to 'restore the balance' and save someone else. Maria finds that Bride’s daughter has Cancer and it is inoperable. She tells Liz about this and says Christmas should be a time for Miracles not death. Liz realizes Max could make the balance by healing Sydney (Brody's daughter.) So she tells Max and he goes to the Hospital but not only saves her, he saves all the rest of the cancer children, then faints and Michael has to carry him out.

Michael later on gives Maria her Christmas present and she then kisses Michael in return. Apparently his Christmas wish came true. Max goes to Liz and tells her thank you for helping him find Sydney. She tells him what he did was brave and noble but he can't go around saving people. He isn't God. The two share an intimate moment of silence and then he asks him to accompany her to midnight service that evening. He says he would love too, except he doesn't believe in God.

Later Max meets his Ghost again and asks him where he is going now. The Ghost says he is going to watch his family and be surrounded by loved ones. And he tells Max; he should be with whom he loves too. So Max decided to go to Midnight Service. Michael is they’re sitting with Maria, and Kyle, Tess and Valenti are sitting together, as are Isabel, and her parents and Liz off by herself. Max greets his parents and then sits next to Liz. She smiles and says, " I thought you didn't believe in God." And he takes her hand and replies. "No, I believe in you." A few more weeks pass by and you can definitely tell the strength friendship between the two growing.

A girl turns up missing and Isabel begins to have visions of her. She is dreamwalking one night, and she sneaks into Liz's dream that is quite sexual and about Max, and into Kyle, which is about Budda.

In the meanwhile, Liz is obsessing over Max. Sean Deluca, Maria's cousin, comes back in town and has an interest in Liz. The Sheriff finds the missing girl but it’s fired when the police find he had no evidence. Max and Isabel feel horrible about his loosing his job. Alex also returns from Sweden, and tells Liz she should see the world, it is her right. She cries and comes to a realization she needs Max back in her life. She calls Max into the Eraser room at school, and the two seem obviously very close. She tells him she wants him to see the world with her, and he says he can't but he will be watching her wherever she goes, and will be waiting when she returns. They share a hug and both are teary eyed. This obviously shows the development in their friendship. Isabel realizes the runaway girl is more then human. And that someone from there past looks a lot like Michael.

----By NiteAngl02