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Episode #1 "Pilot"
Original air date, October 6, 1999
The tiny town of Roswell, New Mexico is notorious for the possible UFO crash that may have taken place there in 1947. However, this small town is also home to teenagers Liz Parker and Max Evans who meet unexpectedly when Max saves Liz's life.

An unimaginable secret exists between Max, his sister Isabel, and his best friend Michael. They were abandoned on Earth after crashing in an alien spaceship in 1947, and are living on Earth as everyday teenagers. In order to lead normal lives on Earth, the three must ban together to keep their secret. To do so, they must outwit their adoptive families and a local sheriff who is intent on exposing the truth about the 1947 crash.
Episode #2 "Morning After"
Original air date, October 13, 1999
A bond begins to develop between Liz and Max after he risks his life to save hers. Liz tries to continue her relationship with Kyle, but finds it difficult as she becomes more interested in Max.
Michael becomes obsessed when he finds out that another alien may have existed in Roswell in 1959. At the same time, he begins to see a recurring disturbing vision, and he goes to dangerous lengths to find out what it might mean.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Valenti is frustrated when the FBI interferes in his investigation.
Episode #3 "Monsters"
Original air date, October 20, 1999
Though she now knows the aliens' secret, Maria is still terrified by Isabel's strange powers. However, when witnessing an arduous interrogation by Sheriff Valenti, Maria develops a sudden understanding of Isabel and and the others' vulnerability. Fearing that Maria may break down under pressure, Liz admits to Max that she told Maria about their secret. Understanding Liz's actions, Max comforts her by telling her it was only natural to want to confide in her friend.
Meanwhile, Max takes a job at the UFO Center hoping that it might help him discover more about his mysterious past, and a nosy guidance counselor shows a strange interest in his career goals.
Episode #4 "Leaving Normal"
Original air date, October 27, 1999
Liz can't wait for her grandmother to visit, as the two have always shared a special bond. While visiting, her grandmother becomes ill and eventually slips into a coma. When Liz finds out that she may lose her beloved grandmother, she pleads with Max to use his powers to save her. However, after an encounter with a group of Kyle's friends, Max realizes that he must distance himself from Liz or risk revealing his past.
The battle between Kyle and Max continues when Michael uses his heightened powers to seek revenge.
Episode #5 "Missing"
Original air date, November 3, 1999
Liz is thrown into a panic when she realizes that someone has taken her diary. Because it contains detailed information about Max and the others, Liz feels compelled to tell Max. However, before confiding in Max, Liz tells Maria, creating more problems. The plot thickens as suspicion, hurt feelings and false accusations develop between the teens.
Meanwhile, thanks to an art class, Michael's recurring vision becomes more clear. He begins to believe that the mysterious dome he sees may hold the answers he needs to find the fourth alien.
Episode #6 "285 South"
Original air date, November 10, 1999
As Michael's visions continue, he becomes convinced that he may have discovered the location of the mysterious building he sees. Determined to find the building, he steals Maria's car with Maria as an unwilling passenger. Maria, using a cell phone she has hidden in her car, tips off Liz and the others about Michael's intentions. Soon after, Liz, Max and Isabel take off in hot pursuit.
At the same time, a class research project stirs things up when Liz is paired with Isabel, Maria with Michael, and Max with Kyle. Liz begins to understand Isabel's coldness towards her, and assures her that she is not going to take away her brother.
Episode #7 "River Dog"
Original air date, November 17, 1999
Max and Isabel's home is broken into, and the papers they found at the geodesic dome are stolen. All that is left is a mysterious necklace designed with a symbol they all recognize. In an effort to find out what the symbol means, Liz and Max head to the Mescalero Indian Reservation where an elderly man named River Dog gives them information on the alien that disappeared in 1959.
Meanwhile, Maria and Michael continue their somewhat awkward flirtation, and the sheriff begins to make a connection between a missing author and an unidentified body with an alien handprint.
Episode #8 "Blood Brothers"
Original air date, November 24, 1999
Forced to choose between her love for Max and her friendship with Alex, Liz finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Things become even more difficult when Liz and Max are involved in a car accident, and Max is taken to the hospital unconscious.
When Isabel and Michael arrive at the hospital, they realize that they must switch Max's blood sample with another. Because a male sample is needed, they decide that Alex is the best candidate. Liz switches the sample for them, and then asks Alex to go home. Clearly hurt by Liz's actions, Alex turns to Kyle who agrees that Liz has changed.
Back at school, Michael and Maria must face their embarrassment after a passionate kiss, and Miss Topolsky becomes suspicious about Max's blood sample.
Episode #9 "Heat Wave"
Original air date, December 1, 1999
The weather isn't the only thing heating up around Roswell. Michael and Maria steam things up as well when their relationship becomes more serious, and Isabel and Alex share a special dance during a concert. Max and Liz also give in to the heat and share a passionate first kiss.
Later, Alex and Liz are arrested when a party gets out of hand. Deciding that she has nothing else to do, Liz uses her time behind bars to tell Alex the truth about Max and the others.
Episode #10 "The Balance"
Original air date, December 15, 1999
Michael is angry when he learns that Max never told him about his trip to the Mescalero Indian Reservation with Liz. Curious himself, Michael takes his own trip to the reservation to check things out and meet the elderly wise man, River Dog. After joining in River Dog's sacred ritual, Michael finds himself in a frightening hallucinatory state.

Scared for their friend, Liz, Maria, Isabel and Alex decide they must get past their differences and work together to save Michael's life.

Episode #11 "The Toy House"
Original air date, January 19, 2000
When a grease fire breaks out in Max's kitchen, he must quickly use his powers in order to save his mother. Her suspicious heightened, Max's mother confronts him about his special abilities. Scared that she may find out the truth, Max enlists the help of Isabel and Michael. Things become even more complicated when Sheriff Valenti stops by to ask questions about the fire.
Still heartbroken from her breakup with Max, Liz begins to feel sympathy for Kyle and all that he has been through. It appears that the two may finally be able to be just friends. Meanwhile, Michael chooses a strange way to thank Maria for saving his life.

Episode #12 "Into the Woods"
Original air date, January 26, 2000
Rumors of a new UFO sighting outside of town spread throughout Roswell. Suspicions arise once again, just in time for the annual Roswell High Fathers' Camping Trip which is to take place in the same area. Liz gives in to her father's excitement, though she really does not want to participate in the trip. However, the weekend ends up to be more exciting than she had expected when she in Maria become involved in the aliens' journey to investigate the sighting.

River Dog appears once again to help Michael investigate the clues from the latest sighting. Meanwhile, Sheriff Valenti must decide between work and family when he becomes suspicious of Max and the others while on the camping trip with his son.

Episode #13 "The Convention"
Original air date, February 2, 2000
When Max's boss organizes the "Tenth Annual UFO Convention" in Roswell, Max ends up spending all of his time playing host to the convention's special guest, Jonathan Frakes, Executive Producer of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". At the same time, he must avoid meeting a suspicious couple that witnessed his powers when he saved Liz's life.
Sheriff Valenti has his own problems when Everett Hubbell, the man who ruined his father's life, comes back to Roswell seeking revenge.
music from episode Episode #14 "Blind Date" Original air date, February 9, 2000 After Maria enters her in a blind date contest, Liz becomes the most popular girl in town. While Liz is out on the date with the contest winner, Max and Kyle find themselves getting drunk and bonding over their love for Liz. Later, Liz and Max share a special moment, but the moment is forgotten as soon as Max sobers up. Meanwhile, Alex's band is chosen to open for a popular rock band that is coming to Roswell. Desperate for a lead singer, they turn to Maria to fill the spot. Michael talks Isabel into helping him follow a map and send a signal to the fourth alien. music from episode Episode #15 "Independence Day" Original air date, Feburary 16, 2000 This episode brings up the real world topics of abuse and emancipation. After Michael's home situation reaches a crisis point, the mysterious fourth alien is revealed. A violent confrontation takes place between Michael and his foster father, and Max and Isabel try to include him in their family. However, their efforts go to waste as Michael begins to feel even more isolated. Things begin to look up for him, however, when Philip Evans shows Michael how he can take his life in a new direction. Liz and Maria are disgusted when Sheriff Valenti's flirtations with Amy DeLuca become more intense. music from episode Episode #16 "Sexual Healing" Original air date, March 1, 2000 After avoiding each other for weeks, Max and Liz finally give in to their attraction. During an intense kiss, Liz sees visions of stars that she believes may help Max solve the mystery of his past. With every kiss, their emotions grow stronger, and Liz begins to see further and further into the aliens' pasts. Michael and Isabel, realizing that Liz may be a link to their past, pressure Max to use Liz and her visions. However, Max is apprehensive, as he cares about Liz and does not want to hurt her. Deciding that they must try and figure out what the visions mean, Liz and Max drive out to the country where they find a mysterious glowing rock buried in the ground. After spending a night together, the two must head back to Roswell to face their parents and their peers. music from episode Episode #17 "Crazy" Original air date, April 10, 2000 Realizing that the aliens are in great danger, Agent Topolsky returns to Roswell with a warning. However, Max and Liz fear that she may still be an enemy, and refuse to trust her. Desperate and afraid, Topolsky is forced to turn to Sheriff Valenti for help in protecting the kids. At the same time, Topolsky approaches Michael with the warning, and she tells him that if he trusts her, she will turn over important information. Michael agrees, but Topolsky is kidknapped before she can meet with him. Back at school, Isabel finds that she has a lot in common with the beautiful new girl, Tess. However, Michael and Max are somewhat apprehensive about Isabel's new friend because they fear she may discover their secret. music from episode Episode #18 "Tess, Lies and Videotape" Original air date, April 17, 2000 The suspicions about Tess continue when Max begins having vivid daydreams about her. He feels and unexplained attraction to Tess and though he tries desperately to fight it, ends up kissing her in front of Liz. After a phone call to Topolsky's psychiatric hospital, Sheriff Valenti realizes that things aren't as they seem and the kids may be in danger. Hoping to win the trust of the aliens, Sheriff Valenti returns the missing orb and reveals the shocking news that Topolsky was killed in a fire. Meanwhile, Michael discovers a hidden camera in his apartment and asks Liz to plant it in Tess' home. Liz puts herself in danger when Tess' father finds her digging through a box of photos that he has of Max. Everyone is shocked when the camera reveals that there is another alien among them. music from episode Episode #19 "Four-Square" Original air date, April 24, 2000 The teens become convinced that Tess is actually the shape-shifter, Nasedo, and worry that she may be a serious threat to their safety. Deciding that they should not be alone, Max, Isabel and Michael stick very close together. At the same time, Isabel and Michael are embarrassed about the dreams they are having about one another, and go to extreme lengths to avoid the development of any romantic feelings between the two of them. Isabel finally gives in to Alex's feelings for her and Michael asks Maria for a stronger commitment. However, despite all of their efforts, the dreams continue. Fed up with Tess and her strange ways, Max follows her out to the desert to confront her. Everyone is surprised when Tess reveals the secret of her identity and the birthplace of all of the aliens. music from episode Episode #20 "Max to the Max" Original air date, May 1, 2000 After looking through Tess's book, the aliens realize that their destiny may already be decided for them. It appears that Isabel, Tess, Michael and Max may have been engineered and not born as they had believed. Hoping for more answers, Max goes to Tess for an explanation. Tess reveals that Nasedo is her father, and tries to convince Max that she, he, Michael and Isabel are destined to be together. Meanwhile, Nasedo shape-shifts into Max and kidnaps Liz in an attempt to trick agent Pierce into revealing himself. Scared for Liz's life, Maria and Alex enlist the help of Sheriff Valenti to find her. After following Nasedo to a carnival, Max is captured by the FBI and the mysterious Agent Pierce is revealed. music from episode Episode #21 "The White Room" Original air date, May 8, 2000 After being captured by Agent Pierce, Max is held prisoner in an empty white room. Interrogation and torture follow as Pierce tries to make him reveal his true identity. In order to save Max, Isabel uses her dreamwalking powers to find out where he is being held. She, Michael and Tess set out to rescue him, while Liz is left behind at home. Scared for Max's life, Liz, Maria and Alex decide that it is time to reveal the truth to Sheriff Valenti and ask for help. Episode #22 "Destiny" Original air date, May 15, 2000 Sheriff Valenti is stunned when he witnesses Michael use his powers in an effort to save Max from Agent Pierce. Valenti realizes that Max is not the only alien in Roswell, and recognizes Michael, Isabel and Tess's true identities. After capturing Agent Pierce and eventually killing him, the aliens locate Nasedo and bring him back to life. Nasedo vows to take Pierce's place in an effort to protect the aliens. The aliens finally decide to use the orb communicators, and eventually come in contact with Max and Isabel's real mother. However, the communication with their mother turns out to be more than they had expected when Max's destiny is revealed and it does not include Liz.