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My Picks

As you probably noticed, there are lots of things that my site does not have yet. For example: sounds, videos, fan fictions, transcripts, etc. On this page, I will link you to some of the best Roswell site with very cool features out there in my opinion. If you would like to suggest a site, please email me at

- Sounds –

Roswell Quotes Page
Site includes quality wav. Files for Roswell quotes.

- Video –

Mr. Video Productions Roswell page
Has all the promos and music videos to Roswell.

- Fan Fiction –

Roswell Underground
Tons of quality fan fictions. It’s almost updated daily!

- Special Features –

Inside Roswell
Includes Roswell bloopers.

285 South
A page with all the useful facts from all of the episodes. (EX: girls love surprises, never get the generic kind of shampoo.) You just gotta check it out!

More to come soon!