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About me, the Webmaster

Before I tell you about anything else, I want to thank you for visiting my Roswell site and actually be interested enough to click here to know more about me. Now Iím going to tell you more about myself Ė

My name is Ginette. No kidding!

I live in California, United States. Iím a high school student. So if thereís anytime that my site has no updates, you probably know what Iím doing Ė homework, projects, etc. It also explains why I donít have a wide range of vocabulary and why I donít have high technology or sophisticated stuff on my site. Believe me, Iím trying! =)

As you probably guessed, Iím a huge fan of the TV show Roswell. That's why I even made this site! If you are, too, that means we have something in common! Why do I like it? Probably because of the relationship side of the show, and also the suspenseful and sci-fi parts. Personally, I think Roswellís got everything Ė humor, sci-fi, love story, and a wonderful team of cast, producers, writers, and directors!

I'm a supporter of Max and Liz. That's why you see a lot of Max and Liz stuff on this site. I will start to try and include everyone later on. Keep in mind that this is my very first web site. This site was started in August, 2000. I'm teaching myself HTML and trying out everything as I go. And you know what? I think I'm doing good so far.

Because I donít want to bore you out, thatís all Iím going to tell you for now. Iíll add more things if I can think of anything else!

To contact me, email me at You can also find me as a FanForum member under roswell168.