My First Day of High School

One word to describe how I feel about high school - miserable.

In the morning, I had to leave at 7 am! Okay I know, I'm very lazy. But it was so cold in morning, my jaws were shaking! I barely ate anything because I didn't have time.

I was late to school because of traffic jam. Then I can't find my Biology class even when I had the map! When I finally got there, I was tardy. Everybody just stared at me!!! When I walked in, the teacher said, "Are you Ginette?"

I was so embarrassed. After like 5 minutes, the class was over! Guess I was really late since every class was only 25 minutes long today. At PE, I had trouble finding which teacher I have. Turns out to be this old and weird guy.

Got totally lost looking for my English room. Turns out I used the wrong door. Fourth period of history ran smoothly. I don't know why, but for almost every class, the teacher gave me an index card to fill my name, birthdate, class schedule. Why can't the office just give them copy of my file? Then we went to an assembly. It was so loud that my ears hurt. After the assembly, I don't know where I was! I went half around the school and finally found my Geometry class. All the classrooms were so crowded!

My Spanish class turned out to be in a portable room. The teacher kept on talking in Spanish that I had no idea what she was talking about! The last was so far from the front door that it took me forever to find my way out to my mom's car!

And just like always, no one can pronounce my name right, so all they do is just try to say something. Luckily, I wasn't the only one. Did I have homework? Of course. After all, it's high school. Right? I got like three worksheets asking very stupid questions. Below are some examples:

If you had a million dollars, you would...
What is your favorite candy?
What do you do at home?

Can this get more lame? Anyway, today was just a bad day for me. I hope you all had a better day than me. I really need to adjust to this whole new environment. I'll tell you more about it when I have time.

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