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Best Friends

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! I swear

Summary: You need to know up to Max in the City. May be some spoilers for Roswell Christmas Carol.

Catagory: Max and Liz, with some of the others.


Liz sat on her balcony with various scented candles surrounding the small space. She was steadily writing in her journal, strands of her black silky hair falling over her eyes.

Dear Journal

Well, it has been 3 weeks since Max told me he wanted to start over, be friends. I know I have

been asking for this for a long time, but that didn’t make it any bit easier. It was awkward at first,

the short conversations, the casual glances across the hall like nothing had happened.

Sometimes he stops by the Crashdown just to say hello, and he’ll actually sit in my section.

He smiles at me again. I think that is the best part. But

even though it started out awkward, I am glad were friends. I love the friendship we are gaining


He comes to my balcony once and a while, usually when he just needs a shoulder to lean on, or

cry on. I just hope that maybe someday something more can come of all this. Because only god

knows how much I miss him.

Liz closed her journal and stood to walk over to her telescope. The starts tonight looked especially bright, and she wondered if she could see the V-constellation Max was always talking about wit

h her. The one that was he found was sealed on his brain when he went to New York. She still

couldn’t believe she connected with him, and not just flashes but…she actually was in New York. Or some part of her. Maybe it was the unconscious part of her . But like she told him, now they

were even. Even though she hadn’t meant it that way.

And what did Ava mean when she said that she was changed. Her and Max had discussed it a

few timesbut, they decided to let things die down for a while, and then dig it up. Maybe it’s just an emotional change, or some sort of connection to just Max, which she would have no problem with.

Just then she focused on the microscope. "Oh god…" That must be it. It was beautiful, a perfect

V. He had told her the bottom star was his planet and he ruled over all 5. To think Max, a king. A pretty stressful job probably. She would be there though, no questions asked, she would be

there for him. Just then she heard a noise on her balcony and she was pulled away from her

thoughts. She looked to see Max sitting on edge. Her heart skipped a beat. He looked so good.

So handsome, although he never ceased to amaze her at how beautiful he was. She

stood, trying to act as calm as possible. ‘Your just friends’ she reminded herself.

"Hey Max, what brings you here?" She grinned and kept herself safely behind the microscope.

If she got to close she knew she would loose it.

"I was getting a bite to eat and Maria mentioned you were up here. Are you busy?" Max shifted his weight from one foot to another, this was so hard, but he was getting more and more used to it. It was good to just be around her again.

"No, I was just um, looking at the stars, I um, found that constellation."

"Which one?"

"Your constellation, the one you rule?" She laughed it sounded ridiculous. He chuckled a little too, and she noticed he was moving closer to her. Oh god, just stay in control Liz.

"Mind If I take a look? It’s been about a hundred years since I was there so…" He saw her giggle

and it made his heart swell. She was so beautiful. The way her hear fell around her face and how

her beautiful brown eyes always seemed so warm.

"No..uh…go ahead." She stepped aside and he stood next to her and leaned down so that he

could see it. She could smell his cologne, and the scent that was just…just Max.

Max could smell her shampoo. It reminded him of how he used to run his fingers through her hair and breathe in the scent of her while they embraced. He would have to wait though, he wasn’t

ready for hugs yet in the friendship. He noticed her back up a little and jump through the window

into her room. He broke away the telescope and climbed into her room as well. She was sitting

on her bed and she brushed some hair behind her ears.

"So Liz, you just going to sit here all night?" It took him a lot of courage to ask her to hang out with him tonight, it was so hard keeping this strictly friendship. And even though he knew deep down in his heart that nothing could have happened with her and Kyle, she still lied to him. And he needed

time to heal.

"That was um…the plan. What about you?" She was wishing in the back of her mind he would ask her to spend time with him.

"I knew it. Well I was going to go down to the Crashdown, talk to Micheal and Maria, and then…

well something else."

"Oh." Her heart froze. He wasn’t inviting her to come. I guess watching the stars isn’t that bad…" Well have fun." She got up to walk him out when he gently grabbed her arm.

"Join me?" He smiled at her and watched her eyes lit up. Yeah, she definetly hadn’t slept with

Kyle, not with the love she looked at him in her eyes.

"Just let me grab my coat." She grabbed her peacoat and they headed out her bedroom door.


The two spent about an hour chatting with friends in the Crashdown and enjoying a few

milkshakes. The tension from earlier finally broke and they were acting like real friends. The others looked at them with hope in their eyes. The all hoped Max and Liz would get back together, after all, they had definitely earned it. After while Max and Liz took off in the jeep headed for

somewhere. Maria hoped tonight would be the night for Liz, but she knew Max needed more

time. He told her himself. And even though Tess wasn’t exactly happy for the friendship Max

and Liz had developed, she knew it was for the best. After all she had Kyle.
After everyone left, Isabel and Micheal sat at the counter talking to Maria while she did some last

minute cleaning.

" So where do you guys think they went? I mean there are only so many placed to go in Roswell." Maria smiled at Isabel’s question.

"Probably just driving, or to your house or something." Maria answered as she removed her apron and her antenna’s.

"Probably went to go Make-out, as ‘friends.’ " Micheal added as he stood to help Maria.

"Micehal!" Maria and Isabel shouted at the same time. Maria threw a rag at him and the three

erupted in laughter.

"Well at least were all getting along again." Isabel added and then got up as well, to help Maria

finish up.



Max and Liz were walking around town. They had parked the car in front of the Courthouse and

decided a walk would be the best thing to do. It was a beautiful night, and the air was crisp

enough for a coat. Since Christmas was only a week away all the tree’s and building’s

were lit and had decorations every where.

"Oh god…I think I had to much Milkshake." Liz laughed as she held her stomach and looked over

at Max.

"Not me, I could live off those things." He smiled as he shoved one hand in his pocket.

"That’s cuz you’re a boy, and boy’s don’t get fat!" She grabbed a berry from a nearby bush and

threw it at him.

"Oh yeah?!" He grabbed a handful and beamed them at her, and before they knew it, they were in a full-fledged berry war. Liz finally put her hands up and tried to hold in her laughter. "What?"

"If I laugh anymore, I am going to loose this milkshake." She smiled and leaned down so her hands were on her knees.

"Liz, you could never get fat. I promise" He grinned and they started to walk again. " Wow, I have

never seen so many Christmas lights on the Ice Cream shoppe. Looks like a Christmas tree all in

itself." He heard her giggle and then grip her stomach again. "Oh sorry…didn’t um, mean to make

you laugh."

"No it’s fine. Just remind me next time to hold off on the Alien Blasts." She giggled and looked up at him staring at her. Then whirl his head around and look ahead of him.

About a half hour later they ended up back at the Jeep, and Max leaned up against the Jeep. "So

where to now?"

Liz looked down at her watch. 11:15, she hadn’t realized how late it was. She should probably be getting home. "Actually Max, I should probably get home, It’s almost 11:30. I wish I didn’t though, I am having a lot of fun." She smiled and leaned up against the jeep as well.

"I am too, We should do this more, just hang out, you and me." He hadn’t realized that even came out of his mouth. But maybe he was ready for that. Just them, one on one.

Liz’s heart actually grew in her chest, she couldn’t find the breath to speak.

"Yeah…that would um, be great." Then they found themselves staring into each others eyes for

seemed like hours, time stood still. Then Liz broke the silence. "So we should go." Max nodded and they hopped in the jeep and Max drove her home. He walked her up to her balcony and they

stood their for a while, just being there, with each other was enough. "Well Max, tonight was

fun, I’ll see you tomorow." She turned to leave and he laid his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Liz wait…" He looked into her eyes, and hoped what he did next wouldn’t go to far, he knew how

easily they lost control to each other. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and she laid her

head on his shoulder. He took in the scent of her hair and closed his eyes. Liz was finally in his

arms again. Even if it was just as ‘friends.’ Then after a few minutes he pulled away and it took

every bit of strength he had not to kiss her. "Good night Liz." And he climbed down to his car.


That morning Liz was working and expecting Maria any minute. The place wasn’t crowded in the morning, but the usual’s always came. And they either wanted her, or Maria, and right now they

were asking for Maria. Especially Brody, he had been pestering for 20 minutes now. She could tell he was into Maria, she wondered if Maria felt the same. She was wiping down counters when she heard the chime of the door. And Maria came dashing in, already in uniform. She grabbed an

order Pad and headed straight for the hungry customers. Liz giggled, as she watched Maria

handle the pesky customers. Liz grabbed the coffee Pot and headed for the floor. To refill all the empty mugs. She was at her second table when she heard the door chime. She looked up and

found Max seating himself at the counter. She felt her heart tingle, and she finished refilling coffee and headed for the counter.

"Good Morning Max." She smiled and handed him a menu.

"Good Morning. Thanks, what is good today?" He grinned and set the menu down.

"Well, the Moon rock Hash looks delicious, and so do the Green eggs."

"Then I’ll take your word for it. And I’ll take an Encounter, with extra whipped cream." He laughed and handed her the menu. "Show how if your stomach?"

"Much better, I had three cups of coffee this morning, that must have cured it." She giggled and

stuffed her order pad in her apron. "I’ll be back with your food."

Max watched her go and let out a breath. She looked incredible today. Just then Maria came up

behind him and sat down next to him at the booth.

"Swooning are we?" She asked sarcastically and popped a piece of gum in her mouth.

"No…we are just friends that’s it." He suddenly found the counter pretty interesting.

"Come on babe, this is Maria your talking to. So made the moves yet?"

"I told you I am not ready for that again."

"I know! Geez, calm down. So how was last night?"

"Oh it was great, a lot of fun." Maria watched his face brighten at the mention of last night.

"Just fun? What happened?"

"Nothing just a good time is all." Max looked up to see Maria standing to go back to work.

"Well just to let you know, Liz had been super happy all morning, and you don’t look to bad yourself, so keep up the good work." She gave him a thumbs up and headed to the kitchen to get food.

Just as Liz came from the back with Max’s breakfast.

"Here you go sir. One Moon Rock Hash, and Green eggs, and an Alien Encounter, with extra

whipped cream."

"Why thank you Ma’m." He smiled them motioned for her to sit.

"Can’t I am working."

"Yeah, but it’s so empty, please just take a 10 minute break, so I don’t have to eat alone?" He gave her his puppy face and she couldn’t help but sit.

"So what are you doing today?" She decided to use her break time to polish some glasses that

were behind the counter.

"I was actually going somewhere um…special. I was wondering if you could come, there is

something I want you to see."

"Special? Okay…I get off in an two hours, And I’ll need like 5 minutes to change so, would noon be okay?" Liz couldn’t contain her excitement. Somewhere special!?

"Great. So what exactly is in this Hash?" They both giggled. Max left a few minutes later and Liz

finished up her shift, with Maria questioning her constantly about her and Max’s ‘friendship.’

Liz quickly ran upstairs and changed into dark blue jeans and a beige sweater. She quickly threw on a little lipstick and some eye shadow and ran down to the backroom. She took a few deep

breaths and walked out to the main room. Max was standing there talking with Isabel and Liz

walked over to them. "Hey guys." Max smiled and Isabel winked, giving her good luck.

"Well, Iz, were going to take off, see you later!" Max hadn’t even realized he took Liz’s hand to

lead her outside to the Jeep, and they both settled in and began to drive.

"So where are going Max?"

"It’s a surprise I told you." Max couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked with the wind in her

hair, and he kept thinking back to the way she felt she he hugged her the night before. She felt

perfect in his arms. He felt at home again.

He had wanted to kiss her so bad, let himself go to her. He knew that they needed a little more

time or was he just telling himself that. He noticed he had been so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t hear Liz calling his name.


"You okay?"

"Yeah, um fine, We are almost there." He smiled and they rhode the rest of the way just listening to the radio. Then finally he pulled into an off road in the middle of nowhere. She recognized this

road though…this was…this was the way to the cave. She looked over at Max questionably.


"Don’t worry, you’ll see." He stopped the jeep, and helped her out. They both walked up the

narrow path she remembered so well. He noticed she looked tense, then he remembered she hadn’t been here since…since she walked away from him. He took her hand and wrapped it in his, for a little comfort. This would be hard for her, but he needed her to see it. They slowly entered the

small cave and he noticed her let go of his hand. He turned to face her, and noticed she had tears in her eyes. "Liz…are you okay?"

"Yeah um, no. Max I can’t be in here…just to many bad memories." She turned to go but he

grabbed her arm. They both noticed how this situation seemed a lot like the one they were in only 6 months ago.

"Liz, please, I want to show you something. Please for me…please." She had a tear streaming

down her face and he wiped it away, took her hand and led her over to a rock. He waved his hand

over it, and the rock moved and he led Liz into the large black room. "Liz…this is the Granolith." He

looked down at Liz, and she was staring in awe.

"Oh wow…what is that humming?"

"We haven’t figured that out yet, but I think it is some sort of like energy."

"That would be my best guess." He watched her walk around the dome, and touch it, and examine it. Just like her, such a scientist, he loved that about her. He walked to her and took her hand in


"Watch" He put their hand up to the black dome and it was warm, and it felt as though something

were humming inside of it. They looked at each other and their hands slowly fell from the place they were in.

"It’s a huge energy source. No wonder you can use this for time travel." She looked amazed and

didn’t notice Max staring at her confused. "Um…I mean….um."

"Time travel? Liz how do you know about the granolith anyways?" He placed both his hands on her shoulder and watched her eyes slowly tear up.

"Max…I can’t….I can’t tell you."

"Liz, please, we have come to be such good friends…please…I won’t be angry. Just tell me…" He lowered his head down so that their noses were almost touching. He was so close, he knew

already he had lost it.

"Max…all I can say is that….someone told me…they said they came through the granolith, and warned me things about us…great things and horrible things. Like death, I had to prevent you from getting hurt."

Max took a little to let what she said sink in. She had done this for him? Even if she didn’t make

much sense, he knew in his heart she didn’t sleep with Kyle. She lied to him for a good cause, not a bad one. His heart felt like all the band aids that he had slowly been taking off, were all now

ripped off, and he was free again. Liz had done this for him, he kept repeating that over and over

to himself.

Then he closed the gap in between their faces and kissed her like he never had before. With all

the passion and love he had kept held up in him for 6 long excruciating months. How could he

had let all this time go by? He wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers through her hair.



(One week later)

Liz sat on her balcony once again surrounded by candles and inscense. She had out her journal and was finishing up her thoughts.

Dear Journal~

Well the last week has probably been the best of my life. Me and Max have started our relations

hip again. And this time it’s based on two things. Love and trust. I guess it’s like that saying, you have to love like you have never been hurt. We are going to take it slow though. Not rush into

things like before, not that we both don’t loose it when we are around each other though.

It’s Christmas eve, and Max is supposed to be any minute. Were exchanging gifts and then going downstairs to a Christmas party we put together for a bunch of friends. But the more I think of it,

the more I realize Max didn’t need to buy me a gift, because having him was like a million

packed into one tiny box. Like they say Life is either daring or nothing at all.

Max started climbing Liz’s ladder. And was holding a small wrapped box in his hand. He couldn’t wait to give Liz the gift he had gotten. Attached to it was a letter he wrote her. He reached the top of the ladder, and found her sitting on a chair staring up at the stars. It was their favorite thing to

do together. She was absolutely breathtaking. She was wearing a dark red dress, with a swirl of

sparkles on the end, her hair was flowing in the chilly wind. He cleared his throat to get her

attention. She turned to look at him and smiled.

"Max, I didn’t even here you come up."

"I didn’t want to disturb your quiet time." He laughed as she stood and walked over to him.

"You could never disturb me. I have your gift over here." She moved behind him and went to grab

her small silver wrapped gift. She hoped he liked it. He looked so delicious. He was wearing

black pants, and a black shirt, unbuttoned at the top, and a loose silver tie. She could smell his

cologne and it was driving her inscane. She turns to face him and handed him the gift.

"Merry Christmas Max."

He smiled and took the box from her and handed her his. "Merry Christmas Liz." Max opened his

first. He read the card and then dug into the gift. When he opened the box he felt the breath leave his lungs for an instant. It was the pocket knife he had given her when he decided to make a

clean break a month ago. And with a little note that said " I think this is yours." Then he found

wrapped in a small piece of tissue paper, a watch, and on the bottom was a craved symbol of his

home planet. He looked up at her with a tear in his eye. "Thank you so much Liz"

"It’s so you never loose track of time, that seems to happen a lot when we are together, and apart." She smiled and looked down at his gift. She opened the small note first and it read it.


I know we have been through some pretty hard times, but all that matters is that our love and friendship brought us through it all. I want to spend a lifetime with you, and never be apart

again, so I give this to you.



She opened the gift and inside was a black velvet box. She slowly cracked it open and felt her

heart swell and what was inside. A silver ring with two diamond hearts interlocked. And engraved on the inside was "True Love" She looked up at Max with tears in her eyes.

"Max, it is perfect" She couldn’t find the words to express how special it was to her.

"Only perfect things for a perfect girl. My perfect girl." He took the ring and slipped it on her finger. "It’s a promise, that until were married, we’ll always be bonded by love." He smiled and looked her in the eyes. "Don’t make me cry Liz." He heard her giggle and couldn’t control himself any longer,

he threw his arms around her, and engulfed her in a kiss for the books. She ran her fingertips

through his hair, and on his chest, as he ran his down her back.

"We should get to that party before things get out of control." She pressed her forehead against his and helped him put his watch on.

"Yeah we should." He took her hand and led her down stairs to the Crashdown, where Christmas Music was playing and the gang sat exchanging glances at each other.
"We have an announcement to make." Max said clearing his throat. He took Liz’s hand in his and

kissed it. Maria laughed and Isabel smiled, while Tess gave max a genuine grin. And Micheal


"It’s about damn time" Maria smiled and came over to hug Liz. While Max gave Micheal a hand

shake and hugged Isabel and Tess, and Kyle shook his hand.

"Sorry for giving you such a hard time Kyle. It’s just not everyday you see the love of your life in bed with another guy."

"I know how you feel. You know, I am sorry for giving you such a hard time in the beginning. I mean, I should have seen that what you and Liz have…man it’s….well it’s deep shit." Kyle laughed and patted Max on the back. "Just take good care of her." Kyle took Tess’s arm and every one eventually grabbed an egg nog and all stood in a circle.

"This is to great friendship, love, and most of trust" Max said raising his glass.

"Merry Christmas guys." Liz said and every clinked their glasses.

"Now let’s party!" Alex said as he walked in with a boom box and he was dressed as Santa.

"Oh not again…" Isabel laughed as Alex started to throw off his clothes. First his Santa hat, then

his coat. The group was hysterical and after all the commotion, Max and Liz stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.

"Great night huh?" Max said looking towards the stars.

"Best of my life." Liz said, taking Max’s hand in her own.

"What is your Christmas wish Liz?"

"Besides you…probably that we all get through these next few years alive." She said looking at the stars.

"That was mine too, and that we have a wonderful future together." He said as he kissed her finger with the ring on it.

Then they both looked up at the stars as a Shooting star flew across the starry night sky.



The End